Pacific Division

Teams and Managers/Assistant Managers

MPD - Bill Cerrato/Bobby Jordan
Prime Time - Steve Elkinson/Joe Frongello
Turn-2 - John Thurner/Bob Vincent
Vintage Stock - Larry Salk/Rob Boland
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2017 Pacific Division

The Pacific Division plays umpired double-headers in Wayland on Monday mornings (1st games start at 10:00 AM) from late April through mid-OCT.
The Pacific Division is EMASS's most competitive weekday division for players 50 years of age and older, and is generally made up of the best players in EMASS. Many of these players are tournament caliber and several engage in regional and national play year-round. Most players are able to play more than one position well.
Returning and new players are assigned each year to a Pacific Division team by the Pacific Division Coordinator and Mangers. The rosters of Pacific Division teams change each year and are designed to be as comparable skill-wise as possible. We are anticipating a 4 Team Pacific Division in 2017. Any EMASS Member who registers for the Pacific Division but is not assigned to a Pacific Division Team will be assigned to an Atlantic Division Team.

Players who feel they have the skills and ability to play in the Pacific Division who have not previously played in EMASS should first contact the Pacific Division Coordinator prior to signing up to play in this Division.

Posted: January 16, 2017

Team Rosters

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Prime Time
Vintage Stock
Team Wins Losses Percent
MPD 0 0 0.000
Prime Time 0 0 0.000
Turn-2 0 0 0.000
Vintage Stock 0 0 0.000
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